Helix Healing & Recovery: A Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

Helix Healing & RecoveryHelix Healing & Recovery is a treatment program that treats adults with primary mental health issues and dual diagnoses in an exclusive, residential setting. We take a collaborative approach with our clients to support them in learning how to manage their mental health and substance abuse issues. Our residential program offers a variety of holistic and empirically-based approaches to address the cognitive, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual aspects of healing and recovery. Additionally, clients and their therapists may elect to utilize specific treatment modalities with more frequency in order to target specific mental health symptoms, including dual diagnoses (substance abuse and behavioral addictions).

More About Dual Diagnoses (Substance Abuse and Behavioral Addictions)

People who are classified as having a “dual diagnosis” suffer from both a mental illness (i.e. PTSD, Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression, Schizophrenia) and a co-occuring substance abuse issue. Often times, it is difficult to establish an accurate diagnosis of a mental illness because of the similarity between the symptoms of a psychiatric disorder and the effects of drugs and/or alcohol. As drug use may often mimic the symptoms of mental illness, or even be the cause of them, it can be challenging to assess the degree to which an individual’s presentation is the result of substances or mental illness. It is fairly common for people with psychiatric problems to attempt to “self-medicate” by using drugs or alcohol in an attempt to cope with their symptoms or the side effects of medication. Unfortunately, these attempts to cope often results in the exacerbation of psychiatric symptoms in addition to the negative effects related to substance abuse—physical health, relationships, legal problems, day-to-day functioning, etc.

Individuals who are dually-diagnosed and suffer with a psychiatric disorder and substance abuse issues are faced with tremendous difficulties. Together, the effect of mental illness and substance abuse problems include difficulty across nearly all of the domains of adult life: obtaining and holding onto a job, making and keeping healthy relationships, and attending to daily life tasks including health, hygiene, finances and running a household. Additionally, many services offered are not designed to treat both conditions at the same time. Consequently, individuals who are dually diagnosed go back and forth between receiving treatment for their psychiatric symptoms or receiving services to treat their substance abuse issues—rarely are the conditions treated at the same time.

How Helix Healing & Recovery Treats Clients Recovering From Dual Diagnoses

Helix Healing & Recovery is modeled after Hanbleceya Treatment Center, which has a rich history of treating dual diagnoses that goes back to 1979. Our first priority is treating the person and we view a client’s mental health and substance abuse issues as a part of the human being who comes to us seeking help and relief from suffering. The philosophy at Helix Healing & Recovery is to view the whole person –the person’s strengths, unique talents, and individual struggles. While many of our treatment modalities are effective for treating an array of “diagnoses,” we believe in the importance of recognizing the unique qualities of each human being and tailor aspects of treatment approaches to address aspects of an individual’s behavior that interfere with his or her ability to live a meaningful and productive life.

Helix Healing and Recovery community offers a safe and loving environment in which clients learn to respond to themselves, to others, and to situations in the world in an authentic and effective way. There is one main goal: to support clients in learning the skills he/she needs to live a happy, healthy, independent life. If you or a loved-one is suffering from dual diagnosi, we are here to help. Your admission starts with a phone call to one of our admissions coordinators, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Helix Healing & is a Licensed Social Rehabilition Facility (License 374603703)
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