Nutritional Counseling

Nutritional CounselingNutritional balance and physical health is a very important element of overall mental health and illness management. At Helix Healing & Recovery we promote total wellness through behavior change in the areas of nutrition and exercise. Our program strongly emphasizes self-care by incorporating healthy nutrition and exercise regimens into existing treatment plans with the aim of improving the management of mental health symptoms such as depression, mood instability and anxiety as well as the side effects of psychotropic medication such as lethargy, sedation and weight gain. This program also incorporates the management of conditions such as diabetes, digestive problems, high cholesterol and high blood pressure and is also able to help treat some disordered eating conditions.

ursula-headshot-largeThe Nutrition Program at Helix is facilitated by our Registered Dietitian, Ursula Ridens, who provides weekly nutrition wellness groups in addition to individual sessions at the request of clients. Ursula has vast experience working in clinical settings using Medical Nutrition Therapy to treat a multitude of conditions. Her expertise in treating disordered eating includes working with those who under or overeat, emotionally eat, or have other disordered eating behaviors.

The program’s participants will focus on many areas such as mindful and healthy eating, positive body image, nutrient needs, menu planning, management of emotion-driven or disordered eating habits (night eating, binge eating, restrictive eating, etc.) and physical activity. Her non-diet approach provides a unique opportunity for participants to develop realistic and lifelong habits. The Dietitian collaborates with Helix Healing & Recovery staff and other treatment providers such as psychiatrists and physicians to support the resident's health, nutrition and wellness goals.

Helix Healing & is a Licensed Social Rehabilition Facility (License 374603703)
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