Additional Services

incense-and-meditationAs part of our standard treatment program, Helix Healing & Recovery offers a wide range of holistic and other services designed to support individuals in creating a healthy, balanced and fulfilling healing experience. With their admission, each resident will be provided one individual session with a Helix professional in each of the following disciplines: Massage, Acupuncture, Yoga, Nutrition, Mindfulness Meditation and Fitness.

In the quest for optimal health and wellness, we embrace these holistic therapies to help heal the whole person - in body, mind, spirit and emotions. We focus on encouraging the person to strive for wholeness and healthy living with the goal of gaining proper balance in all aspects of life. Our practitioners address not only the physical body but the person’s emotional and spiritual health as well. This holistic treatment approach also emphasizes healthy eating habits and therapeutic practices. Stress relieving and self-relaxing exercises like yoga, massage, meditation, and acupuncture are proven to be effective in improving overall health and wellness.

“Our first teacher is our own heart.” –Native American Proverb

Helix Healing & is a Licensed Social Rehabilition Facility (License 374603703)
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